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Keysocks - Knee High No Show Socks for Women

Say good-bye to unsightly socks and footies that won’t stay in place. These sleek no show socks will keep your feet warm and comfortable but won’t show when you’re wearing heels or flats.

Recent Press

  • Keysocks featured on According to Ame Blog

    "I hate to even admit that my first use of these brilliant socks was for a family funeral, that of one of my biggest supporters, I might add, but it was. It was a freezing cold day, and none of my funeral-appropriate footwear would allow for socks, and I was not sure how I would handle that with the outside burial service after the church service and stay warm. Instead of freezing, or wearing socks anyway and looking like a goof while we honored this amazing woman, I pulled out a pair of black Keysocks, and I got through that service and the graveside services without even a nip of frost on my toes."


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